Morning Minyan

Wednesday Morning Henry Rabin Minyan at CBJ

Every Wednesday, 7:30 a.m., in the Beit T’fillah

A Minyan is a traditional prayer quorum of at least ten Jewish adults above the age of 13 who assemble for public worship and various other religious observances. A biblical phrase, “God stands in the Divine assembly” (Ps. 82:1), was interpreted by the rabbis to mean that if ten pray together, the Shekhinah — God’s Presence — hovers over them (Avot 3:6; Ber. 6a).

The Henry Rabin Minyan provides an opportunity for prayer, fellowship and friendship. As the Minyanaires carry the banner of Henry Rabin forward to make Beth Jacob a better place, their mission remains the same: sending children to Jewish summer camps, bringing families together to picnic in the park, and helping families cope in tough times. As they do mitzvot, they do these things with thoughts of Henry and the other Minyanaires who are no longer with them.

>How we became the Henry Rabin Minyan

An essay by David Smilovitz

One morning several years ago, after parking my car in the CBJ lot, I watched as a elderly man performed some “Tai Chi” like exercises between two cars.  I recognized the man doing the strange exercises as Henry Rabin. As he entered the chapel a few minutes later, I could see this was not the energetic Henry Rabin, but a man in pain, stoically trying to hide his illness.

Henry greeted everyone warmly, put on his tallit and prayed as he had done for years at Temple Beth Jacob.  A few weeks later Henry passed away.  After Henry’s death we named the Wednesday morning group “The Henry Rabin Minyan” to honor his memory. It was fitting to afix his name to our group because it was his idea to create the Minyan. He needed a group to help him say Kaddish after his mother died, and many other people have come to the chapel on Wednesday mornings for that same reason. Minyan regulars would be lost without our Wednesday meetings.

>We are continuing the legacy that Henry created. Part Pied Piper, smooth salesman, and idea guy, Henry enlisted his friends as sustaining this vital group. Not even the Temple fire in 1979 could deter this group–they prayed in the burned out hulk of the sanctuary. The Minyan has thrived because of friendship and loyalty. How appropriate that our name reflects the heart and soul of a real mensch. Henry was a fine man, we cherish his memory and we were lucky to have enjoyed his friendship. His generosity and dedication to Temple Beth Jacob are legendary.

The Annual Minyan Picnic

Every year the Minyan holds an annual picnic, sponsored by the Henry Rabin Minyan! It is open to all CBJ members of all ages!