At Congregation Beth Jacob, we personalize moments of celebration and tragedy from the beginning of life to death. We celebrate together birth, b’nai mitzvah (at 13 and in adulthood), conversion, weddings, while supporting each other during illness and loss. We pride ourselves on the care, love and individual attention paid to each life cycle event.

Being there for each other as a community and through the connections we form at CBJ, allows us to:

  • Guide us to see the deeper meaning, even God’s presence, in the ordinary, and sanctify it.
  • Help us to respond to life changes as more than biological or legal events, and enable us to sanctify our days and years.
  • Tell us what to do and say at important moments.
  • Bring us out of a focus only on self and family into connection with God, with the Jewish people, and with Jewish tradition.
  • Connect us to the unseen presences of those who have come before us — and even those who will come after us.
  • Foster not just personal or family identity, but also Jewish identity.
  • Connect us with what we believe as a people to be of lasting and profound significance.

If you are need of support for any of these lifecycle events, please contact the CBJ office.