Etrog & Lulav Orders 2020

Sukkot begins Friday, October 2, 2020

New this year you can place an order for an Etrog & Lulav set directly with our supplier and they will ship to your home. CBJ receives 10% of the proceeds.

The Esrog Headquarters: PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE

Your purchase of an Israeli etrog, from The Esrog Headquarters includes a complete, pre-bound arba minim set: lulav (palm), hadassim (meshulashim) and aravos (willow & myrtle) in their traditional holder, and all bearing their own kashrus endorsements. Plastic carry bag also included. All arba minim sets are professionally packed in foam to virtually eliminate shipping damage and are accompanied by your complementary English-language instructional booklet.

A basic set with pitom will cost approximately $65 including UPS Ground shipping to CA. The deadline to place your order to guarantee delivery before Sukkot is Friday, September 18, 2020.