The CBJ Preschool is still busy and connected

Story times and teddy bears

I hope you are all staying healthy, safe, and busy while being isolated in your homes. Though not at CBJ, the Preschool is still busy and connected.  Teachers are leading zoom circle times, Bill is leading zoom Shabbat, parents are meeting on zoom, and teachers are having staff meetings.  I have been passing along numerous links to preschool families and thought you might enjoy a few.

Storyline Online from the SAG-AFTRA Foundation offers children’s stories read by some pretty famous actors.  There are two ways to access; or I have found access to different stories on both.  Betty White, Chris Pine, and Lily Tomlin are amongst those reading.

Save the Children also has some famous folks reading stories on Instagram at  Henry Winkler, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, and Josh Gad are a few.  Both sites make the books fun for the kiddos and parents too!

If you’ve noticed teddy bears in windows and trees while you’re outside taking a walk, it’s because many families and children are going on bear hunts!  I spied a teddy bear on one of my recent walks and was motivated to put one in my window too.  Maybe you have a bear who would like to look out the window for children!  Here’s an article with more information about the bear hunts;

Along with being healthy and safe, I hope you are all getting plenty of walks in the sunshine and sharing lots of giggles!