Mussar Classes

Mussar is a 1000-year-old Jewish spiritual practice that teaches how to find those things inside that cause us to get stuck in the same place again and again. Mussar offers a framework for gradually bringing balance and healing through mindful living and small incremental steps.

We are offering monthly drop-in Mussar classes the first Shabbat morning of every month. Join us at 10:15 am (no charge)

In addition, there are options to dive deeper into Mussar. Intensive classes by pre-registration only.,

  • Parenting Mussar Session, twice a month on Shabbat at 11:30 am beginning Saturday October 21st.
    Non-member pricing: $60 for five sessions.  
    Register and pay here >>
    Member pricing: $40 for five sessions. Register and pay here >>
  • Mussar Intensive Course, monthly on Sundays at 10:00 am beginning in January 2018.
    Non-member pricing: $60  Register and pay here >>
    Member pricing: $40  Register and pay here >>