Mishloach Manot – Here’s what it’s about

Mishloach Manot goody bags fulfill a 2300 year old tradition, and are also an important fundraiser for the synagogue. CBJ members, please check your email inbox for a login code to participate.

Mishloach manot – or, in Yiddish, shaluch manos – means “a sending of portions”.

The story of Purim comes to us in the megilah, also know as the Book of Esther, one of the books of the Hebrew Bible. At the end of the story, the Jews celebrate their victory over death by (i) feasting, (ii) giving gifts to the poor, and (iii) sending mishloach manot, i.e gift packages, “each person to his friends” (Esther 9:19). Since that time 2300 years ago, Jews have always celebrated Purim in these same ways. We (i) read the megilah, (ii) give gifts to the poor, (iii) feast (or, nowadays, carnival), and (iv) send mishloach manot.

During the week leading up to Purim, every CBJ family will receive a bag of goodies.  Religious school families will receive theirs during religious school.

The mishloach manot project is also an important fundraiser for the synagogue.  The tradition is to send packages to friends, by name. Our members have each received a personal email, inviting you to sponsor gift bags for your friends, or for your child’s religious school class, or for every member of the synagogue.  For $54, you can support this project, and every family in your child’s class will get that warm feeling of recognition when they see your name on the letter that accompanies their goody bag.