USY Regional Winter Shabbaton ~ 8-12 Graders

Winter Shab. is the 2nd of our three main USY conventions. This weekend is for 8th-12th graders and begins the initiation of current 8th graders into USY. This is a chance for the 8th graders to learn about and experience New Frontier conventions in a new way. Like all New Fro events, there will be a theme for educational and social programming, and will include many opportunities for teens to explore and connect. There is typically special social programming on both Friday and Saturday night of this convention.

This year, Winter Shab. will be a hotel convention, and will take place at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. Winter Shab. will begin on Friday afternoon, Feb. 8th and will conclude on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 10th.

Questions? Comments? Please contact Terrah Yevilov at or 949-355-5344.

Contact: Terrah Yevilov
Phone: 949-355-5344