USY Regional May Convention ~ 8-12 Graders

May is the largest and longest of our 3 annual conventions and is for our 8th-12th Graders. It is a celebration of all that our chapters and Region have accomplished over the year. Elections for the new REB, chapter awards, and chapter recognition are essential components of this weekend. May is also the time when 8th Graders are officially welcomed and initiated into USY, Seniors give goodbye speeches and are moved to alumni status, and all Summer Program and Nativ participants are recognized and sent off with blessings.

This year May will be held at a hotel in San Francisco from May 17th-19th. We will be joining with Pinwheel USY for this special event. More details to come!

Questions? Comments? Please contact Terrah Yevilov at or 949-355-5344.

Contact: Terrah Yevilov
Phone: 949-355-5344