USY International Convention – Orlando, Florida

IC is brings all 16 regions of USY together for an incredible 5-day conference. Each IC has a unique theme (just as our Regional conventions do), and provides a wide range of programming, catering to different learning styles and interests. Nationally recognized speakers, musicians, and entertainers are generally invited to participate, as well as local clergy and educators who are from the hosting region. Because IC is held in a “destination” city, there is always an opportunity for sightseeing and exploring. All of the pieces included in New Frontier conventions, are also part of IC, as well as opportunities for Summer Program reunions and class bonding. Elections for the International Executive Board (IEB) are also held at this time, and awards and recognition are given to each region.

This year, IC will be held in Orlando, FL from Dec. 23rd-27th.

Questions? Comments? Please contact Terrah Yevilov at or 949-355-5344.

Contact: Terrah Yevilov
Phone: 949-355-5344