Simchat Torah Services and Celebration


• Kabbalat Torah for kindergarten & new students of CBJ religious school
• Live klezmer music, by Varetski Pass
• For all ages!

We’ll be coming to the conclusion of our string of autumn holidays, which started with Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. During Sukkot, we dwelt in our Sukkah shelters, we shook the lulav and raised the etrog, and marked the harvest. We embraced the feeling of awe and vulnerability as we dwelt under the stars. Shemini Atzeret tags the end of Sukkot, to remind us, at Yizkor, of our loved ones whose memory we hold dear. Simchat Torah concludes the season, a raucous and joyful day of Rejoicing with the Torah. You will want to hold the Torah, and share the excitement as we dance to the klezmer music of Veretski Pass. As we bring the Torah reading cycle to a close, there’s room for everyone as we call the community aliyot. Come and celebrate!

Veretski Pass, called “among the best of the new, old style klezmer”
Hadassah Magazine