Shalom Hartman Institute Community Leadership Program

Let’s study in Israel together, Summer 2019!

Come join Bill Futornick and Rabbi Ezray this summer to study at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.

Theme for CLP 2019!
The Community Leadership Program (CLP) is Shalom Hartman Institute’s annual summer program for a diverse group of community leaders from across North America which is held at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. Participants join senior Shalom Hartman Institute scholars in Jerusalem to explore foundational Jewish ideas and central dilemmas of contemporary Jewish life.

The topic for 2019 is particularly relevant and meaningful in these challenging times: “Between Loyalty and Imagination: Nationalism and Tribalism in a Global Era”.

We are living in a time of global tensions around nationalism: the fundamental morality of borders and boundaries, the relationship between solidarity and violence, the role of ethnicity in shaping national identity, and the parameters of criticism within a framework of loyalty. Join us in Jerusalem to explore what this means for American Jews, for Zionism, and for the State of Israel.

We are looking forward to learning together in Jerusalem this summer! Please let Rabbi Ezray ( or Bill ( know of your interest. Reservations and travel arrangements are being formed now. Early bird registration through Hartman is by February 28.