Scholar in Residence – Rabbi Sharon Brous

From the Beginning: Sex, Gender and Power

We’ll explore the two creation narratives in the first two chapters of Genesis, which paint two very different world views: one in which man and woman are created together, as equals, and one in which woman is created to serve and give pleasure to a powerful, dominant man. Both visions are possible in God’s creation, and we’re asked to choose: equality, or patriarchy. Our tradition struggles to reconcile these two narratives, even as our human community continues to build systems and structures that perpetuate the latter. 

Rabbi Sharon Brous is a leading voice in reanimating religious life in America, working to develop a spiritual roadmap for soulful, multi-faith justice work in Los Angeles and around the country.  Brous is the senior and founding rabbi of IKAR, which was started in 2004 and has become a model for Jewish revitalization in the US and beyond.  Brous’s 2016 TED talk, “Reclaiming Religion,” has been viewed by more than 1.3 million people and translated into 20 languages.

Stay after the lecture and continue the conversation at our Men’s Club Wine tasting, $10/person