Regional Kadima Konvention (4-5 to 4-7) ~ 6-7 Graders

Kadima Konvention is the only regional convention for our 6th-7th Graders, and is a special time to learn about what Shabbat in New Fro looks like. It is run by the REB, local USYers from the hosting chapter, and staff giving our Middle Schoolers an opportunity to meet and connect with some of our USYers. Kadimanicks are introduced to “all things USY,” including lingo, traditions, songs, and programs. Like all other regional events, Kad Kon includes time for learning, praying, social action, Israel advocacy, and fun.

This is a home hospitality convention, and this year it’s being hosted by FRUSY and will be taking place at Peninsula Sinai Congregation from April 5th-7th.

Questions? Comments? Please contact Terrah Yevilov at or 949-355-5344.

Contact: Terrah Yevilov
Phone: 949-355-5344