Living Meditation

Are you curious to discover the benefits of meditation everyone is talking about? Do you already meditate but enjoy the experience and support of doing it in a group? Join us to learn about meditation. Discover ways you can apply meditation and mindfulness techniques in your everyday life. Even when you don’t have time to sit on a cushion. 


Increasingly recommended by health care practitioners, meditation is an ancient experience that can add richness to your life, both subtly and measurably. You may find an ongoing practice of meditation allows you to:


  • Calm a busy mind
  • Reconnect with your inner self
  • Find peace in the midst of chaos or change
  • Improve health and resilience


These will be introductory classes, to be followed by more if there is interest in continuing.


Laura Caplan, MPH, has many years of experience teaching meditation, relaxation and other ways to cope with life’s stresses. She has taught these skills in clinical, corporate and academic settings and been certified as a life coach, hypnotherapist, and biofeedback trainer. She has practiced what she calls “Living Meditation” for over 40 years.