Judaism at Home: Engaging with Elul

Elul is a month in which to spiritually prepare for the High Holiday season of reflection and repentance.
Judaism@Home returns for four weeks with one session taught by each member of our clergy.

We will be meeting in person with a zoom option.

This week Cantor Barbara leads Music in Elul: Starting with the daily blasts of Shofar, sound and music can help to wake us up as we prepare for the High Holy Days.

Upcoming sessions:

Wednesday August 18 with Rabbi Ilana 

Truths Revealed

Times of crisis expose our core truths. What has the pandemic revealed to us about ourselves, individually and collectively? 

Wednesday August 25 with Rabbi Ezray

Moving Forward? Elul Reflections on the past year and upcoming days


Wednesday September 1 with Bill Futornick

Redefining Perfection
We always think we should be perfect, but we beat ourselves up when we aren’t. The problem is that we have the wrong definition of perfection. Let’s change it together.