Journeys 6th Grade Family Retreat

The 6th Grade Family Retreat is the kick-off event of our 2 year B’nai Mitzvah Family Education program called, “Journeys.” The Retreat is facilitated by CBJ’s clergy team of Rabib Ezray, Ritual Director Bill Futornick, Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon and Cantor Barbara Powell.

6th grade year continues on future dates with workshops about:
Tzedakah / Righteous Giving and Acts of Kindness
Shalom Bayit / Peace in the Home
Tallit / Create your own Tallit
6th grade Parent Roundtable discussion

In 7th Grade:
Ethical Will–passing on your Jewish Values to your children
7th grade Parent Roundtable discussion

The Retreat on 9/22/2019 Takes place in several spaces, over the course of the afternoon: the Lobby, Social Hall, Beit Tefillah/Chapel, Beit Mifgash/Conference Room and the kitchen.

Contact: Cantor Barbara