Grief and Gratitude

If you are grieving, feeling anxious, alone, helpless, unfocused, fearful, or numb – you are not alone.  A lot of people are having a hard time these days, needing to reconnect with a sense of focus and personal agency.  Over the course of three consecutive Thursdays we’ll be exploring the complexity and effects of personal and societal grief with an eye toward resilience – the resources and practices that engage, inspire, and empower.

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Stefanie Etzbach-Dale, Facilitator

With over 30 years of experience leading spiritually focused retreats and workshops, Stefanie is committed to honoring both the sacred ground of the present moment and creative power of the human imagination.  She brings holy curiosity, deep trust, and rooted integrity to those who seek a sense of empowered purpose amidst life’s changes and challenges.  For more information see or follow TendingSpirit on Facebook.