6th grade Journeys Workshop: Ethical Wills

The Ethical Will workshop is for 6th graders and their parents.

What are the core messages and Jewish values do parents hope their children will live by? Young people absorb their parents’ teaching through out their lives, of course. As they grow into their new role as B’nai Mitzvah what do they feel are the most important messages they’ve received from their parents?

We’ll be inspired your family tree, to see which family stories show the Jewish  values that you live by, and how they have been passed down.

The custom of a written message from parents to children as at Ethical Will became important in Jewish history int he Middle Ages in Europe, and has been updated in the 21st century.

Join Cantor Barbara and Rabbi Ilana for this online workshop.

Contact: Cantor Barbara
Email: barbarapowell@bethjacobrwc.org