Curriculum Chart Test

Values Tanach (Bible) & Talmud Ahavat Tziyon(Love of Zion/Israel) T’fillah(Prayer) Chagim(Holidays)
Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayim – caring for animals
Sunday, Feb. 1: prepare cat toys and dog beds + class field trip to Humane Society
Eliezer & Rebekah at well + Noah’s ark Shalom (peace) in language

Israel through the senses


Mah Tovu

Birkot HaShachar

Shab Creation Story and Havdalah
RHS cycles in Judaism
YK T’shuvah (repentance) & forgiveness: fix what is broken
Sukk ancestors & meaning of Sukkot, focus on the purpose of the Israelites wandering in the desert
ST ends & beginnings, Torah & in life, used books as example
Han freedom of religion is every person’s right / Hanukkah reminds us that God made miracles happen for the Jewish people today & long ago
TBS Bal Tashkhit – our responsibilities in being partners with God to take care of God’s creations, focus on taking care of animals
Pur Esther’s & Vashti’s courage / G’vurah (strength, heroism)/ Mishloach Manot (gifts for the poor) / superheroes
PES story of Pesah / questions are great way to learn; children’s role during Pesah is to ask questions + Mah Nishtanah
YHA Shalom (peace) in language / Israel through the senses
Shav commandment
T’shuvah, S’lihahacknowledging mistakes, asking for forgiveness Rambam’s 4 steps of T’shuvah (repentance)

commandment #3

Book of Jonah

Shmirat HaLashonmaking positive choices with language
Yetser Ha Rah/Tovchanneling toward good, finding self-control
Family Education Programs
ChesedTza’ar Ba’alei Hayim
taking care of animals