Religious School Registration 5781 (2020-2021)

Dear Parents,

In the face of uncertainty, Judaism stresses bitachon. From the same root as betach, which means “of course,” bitachon can be translated as trust, confidence or certainty. It does not mean trust that everything will end happily. Bitachon suggests  that however things do turn out, we have within us the core strength to adapt and thrive. Things may not go the way we want, but we will be OK. 

We are opening Religious School registration today, in a moment of great uncertainty, on a foundation of deep bitachon. Financially, we are bracing ourselves for the worst deficit within memory. And we are aware that many families are experiencing financial stress right now. To respond to this real need we are reducing our subsidized tuition from 80% of base cost to 70%. If your family is in need, please do not hesitate to select subsidized tuition, or to request additional scholarship assistance. If your family is able to cover the base or patron cost, we trust you will do so.

Adding to the financial uncertainty is the challenge of connecting over video. Zoom has been great for some of our kids, but not for others. We are hoping to offer in-person outdoor classes in every grade, though we are prepared at any moment to shift to a Zoom contingency plan.

As you complete your child’s Religious School registration this year, I hope you will approach it with bitachon – trust in yourself, trust in your child, and trust in our community. We cannot promise that you will receive your first choice of schedule, or that your child will be able to attend in person if that is your desire. But trust that, together, we will figure out a way to make things work.

A solid bitachon opens the heart and opens the hand. As you choose your tuition level, please know  that 93% of our Religious School budget goes toward paying our  teachers and school staff. We want to retain our superb teachers through this time of uncertainty. If your family is in a position to select patron tuition — which covers the cost of one subsidized student — or if you are in a position to make an additional donation above recommended tuition, please do so.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught that the most growth occurs in times of uncertainty. When our world is shaken, he explained, then we are pressed to question. From the foment comes new understanding. I do not know what this year will look like, but I do know that we will all grow and learn in ways that we never expected.


Rabbi Ilana

To register a student(s) in Grades K-7, please follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1: Family Information Form

Step 2: Student Information Form  (one for each student)

Step 3: Tuition Form