B’nai Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah study is more than simply learning the words and melodies for reading the Torah, Haftarah, and tefillot (prayers). Beyond the connection to text and ritual, we establish mentoring relationships, hopefully lifelong, with our students. Our students develop their sense of connection to tzedakah and chesed, deeds of loving kindness. We also encourage families to explore opportunities to participate in the event, and we will help make this participation possible.

We have been privileged to watch the transformation that takes place in our young Jewish adults. This is the first time that students will read from the Torah, experiencing the wonder of connecting with our sacred traditions. They will have the opportunity to teach us Torah, and to join the community as full-fledged members. Please enjoy this time in your lives; share it and savor it as a special period of growth and of fulfillment.

We look forward to deepening our connections with each Bar/Bat Mitzvah student and his or her family. Mazal Tov!

Rabbi Nathaniel Ezray Cantor Barbara Powell
Ritual Director Bill Futornick Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon



Download the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Handbook.