Judaism at Home

Just as our home lives and family dynamics change over time, so too our Jewish practice at home needs to evolve to keep up with us.

Watch Rabbi Ezray explain the vision behind Judaism at Home.

Starting in March, our clergy will be leading a series of “Conversations” which will cover topics suggested by the recent survey, with more to follow. These will create opportunities for congregants to deepen their Jewish practice at home. Each conversation will have four parts:

How To       Basic information for beginners or a refresher for those who’ve been “at it” for a while

In Depth     More information on history, meaning, background

Family         Participatory session for families with children or grandchildren

Join Us       Interactive session where we practice what we’ve learned together as a community

Each of the Conversations will be stand-alone. You can pick and choose which ones interest you. Each of the parts also stands alone. You can choose to do all of the How To and Join Us sessions, for example. You can attend whatever seems like it is what you need right now. There’s no homework, no quizzes, and attendance will not be taken.

Contact Deborah@bethjacobrwc.org with questions or to receive the Zoom links.


Why do Jews set aside one day to make it special?  What does Shabbat mean for your family?  What would you like Shabbat to be for your family?  Let’s talk, parents and children together, and grandparents from near or far are invited to join the conversation, too.  Optionally, those who are interested can join us again on Friday afternoon to make challah together.  If you plan to participate in challah baking, be sure to have on hand: 2 tsp active dry yeast, 5 cups flour, 1/4 cup sugar, 2 tsps salt, 3 eggs, 1/4 cup canola oil

– Conversation led by Rabbi Ilana

Please RSVP to Rabbi Ilana’s Conversation to deborah@bethjacobrwc.org


Elul is a month in which to spiritually prepare for the High Holiday season of reflection and repentance.

We will be meeting in person with a zoom option.

Wednesday August 11 with Cantor Barbara

Music in Elul: Starting with the daily blasts of Shofar, sound and music can help to wake us up as we prepare for the High Holy Days.

Upcoming sessions:

Wednesday August 18 with Rabbi Ilana 

Truths Revealed
Times of crisis expose our core truths. What has the pandemic revealed to us about ourselves, individually and collectively?

Wednesday August 25 with Rabbi Ezray

Moving Forward? Elul Reflections on the past year and upcoming days


Wednesday September 1 with Bill Futornick

Redefining Perfection
We always think we should be perfect, but we beat ourselves up when we aren’t. The problem is that we have the wrong definition of perfection. Let’s change it together.