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CBJ takes pride in maintaining a community where members form strong and lasting relationships with each other. We’re grateful for the care of fellow congregants during difficult times, as well as the love and support we feel during joyful times.

We foster meaningful relationships is by creating the environment throughout synagogue life where people can share their stories with each other, whether as part of a formal program (such as our Shabbat at Home or intergenerational interviews) or more informally (check out our Shabbat morning “welcome nosh” in the front lobby.)

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Community Groups at CBJ

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We encourage members to get to know each other through a wide range of interest groups and social opportunities. A few of our groups and initiatives are listed below. If you’re curious about a social or demographic interest group that you don’t see represented, you can always reach out to our Membership Engagement Director, Rebecca Schwartz, at or 650-366-8481 ext. 371.

Affinity Groups

Members with particular hobbies or special interests are encouraged to organize affinity groups as a way to form deeper relationships in our community. In the past, members have organized affinity groups around bike riding, sporting events, hiking, movies or theater, and mah jong.

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 Rebecca Schwartz, Membership Engagement Director
 650-366-8481 x371

Book Clubs

We currently have two book clubs, the CBJ Book Group, which hosts occasional events, and the Women’s Book Group, which meets on the meets the second Monday of each month, 7:30-9pm. (Check the calendar for upcoming events and meetings.)

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 Jackie Dines


When CBJ members are going through difficult life events, such as longterm illness or grieving, our community cares. Our Cares team provides home-cooked meals to members in need as well as assistance with transportation. Contact Rebecca Schwartz to volunteer or to request assistance. Join us in our kitchen for cooking days!

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 Rebecca Schwartz


Some members join together in smaller fellowship circles (often grouped by similar stage of life or similarly aged children) to form a chavurah. These groups of six to 10 members or families gather monthly for Shabbat dinner, playdates in the park, or whatever they enjoy.

Interfaith Couples & Families

Interfaith couples are welcomed to CBJ with joy as part of a philosophy that has been led and modeled by Rabbi Ezray. Our approach may be described as “radically inclusive.”

Non-Jewish partners are embraced and appreciated for who they are without the expectation that they’ll pursue a path to become Jewish. Our non-Jewish members are vital to every aspect of synagogue life, and they are welcome to participate in every way that feels right to them, whether it’s through education, social action, Board activity, or participation in services.

Mah Jong

CBJ hosts mah jong games twice per month on Tuesday evenings. Games are open to all skill levels, and refresher or beginning lessons are available upon request. A smaller group meets on Mondays at noon at CBJ. Contact Stephanie Lachtman for details.

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 Stephanie Lachtman

Mental Health

CBJ seeks to provide spiritual and practical support for people and families dealing with challenges connected to mental health. This includes education, personal support, teaching and creating a culture where issues of mental health are lifted up in a variety of forums.

For local assistance, please visit the San Mateo County resource website at as well as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) local chapter

Additional Resources

1. Community Service Areas , San Mateo

2. Behavioral Health and Recovery

3. For Mental Health and Substance Use Services: the BHRS ACCESS Call Center: 800 686 0101 (phone) 800 943 2833 (TDD)

4. Assisted Outpatient Treatment San Mateo County:  AOT : (650) 372 6125 ,

The team connects people to treatment, the client must be 18 years or older, living in San Mateo County, with a serious mental illness , call to check for eligibility or the team will connect you to other appropriate agencies

5. Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) a partnership program between the County of San Mateo Health System Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and the Sheriff’s Office

NOTE: Emergency Services phone number is still 9-1-1 , and should be called first. PERT are not the first responder, but will initiate a first response if appropriate.

PERT: Detective Mike Tabak (650) 802 4285 Mon – Thurs. 7:00am – 5:00pm

PERT is available for consultation, home visits, welfare checks, and support within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office. Their role is varied, can be most valuable when deescalating a situation.

6. San Mateo Assessment and Referral team (SMART) The goal is to provide a service to the community that can either provide an alternative to being transported to the hospital, jail or left on scene. The medic can write a 5150 hold. SMART can only be dispatched by law enforcement, after the 9-1-1 call, if appropriate.

7. PREP: Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis

Mike Krechevsky,( family support specialist ): (650) 458 0026.

8. South Bay Project Resource

South Bay Project Resource represents a partnership between family members, peers, clinicians and other stakeholders in the South Bay with a commitment to improving psychosis-related supports, working for social change, and increasing public awareness of the diversity of approaches to distressing experiences and disability. South Bay Project Resource

Men’s Club

men's club
Our Men’s Club brings together men of all ages for social activities and networking. Past activities have included brewing our own beer and getting together at CBJ and at neighborhood locations. No membership needed – drop in any time. Contact the office for more information.

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 the CBJ office

Neighborhood Groups

Our neighborhood groups bring together up to two dozen or more families who live in the same town or area for get-togethers several times per year. Members have organized neighborhood Shabbat dinners, havdalah dessert gatherings, Sukkah brunches, picnics and playdates in the park.

Outdoor Adventures


Members occasionally organize hikes, bike rides, kayaking trips and other outdoor activities. Watch for invites on our calendar, our weekly newsletter, and/or CBJ Community group on Facebook. Or feel free to organize your own. For details on how to share your invite with other members, contact our Membership Engagement Director, Rebecca Schwartz.

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 Rebecca Schwartz, Membership Engagement Director
 650-366-8481 x371


CBJ’s active Sisterhood gathers women of all ages for social activities, support, wisdom, learning, recreation, spiritual endeavors and service to our synagogue and the greater community. We meet monthly to celebrate the new moon (Rosh Chodesh), and to explore life together. We have engaged in guided meditation, learned to bake Jewish foods, planned and created rituals, studied with inspiring teachers, listened to each other’s stories, created art, enjoyed music, gone on field trips, and have eaten a lot of food. We are intergenerational and our goal is to foster community. Dues are $36/year — join Sisterhood and make it yours.


Contact for more details.


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 CBJ Sisterhood

Wednesday Morning Minyan

The Henry Rabin Minyan meets from 7-8am every Wednesday. The minyan group helps with the annual picnic and with philanthropic synagogue needs such as scholarships for students to summer camp.

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Young Adults (20s-30s)

If you or someone you know is a young adult who wants to connect with Jewish peers, contact our Ritual Director, Bill Futornick

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 Bill Futornick, Ritual Director
 650-366-8481 x336

Youth & Teens

In 2015, CBJ and Peninsula Sinai Congregation of Foster City combined efforts to create a USY (United Synagogue Youth) chapter in the New Frontier region. We are called NPUSY (North Peninsula United Synagogue Youth). Kadima USY is for 6th-7th graders, and our USY chapter is for 8th-12th graders. NPUSY’ers learn about Israel affairs, engage in social action, and take part in fun chapter and regional events. For more information, contact Stacy Goldstein, Youth Commissioner.

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 Stacy Goldstein, Youth Commissioner