CBJ Ladies Book Group

Meets on the second Wednesday of the month

The CBJ ladies Book group meet on the second Wednesday of the month, at 12:30pm, presently on Zoom.

Our book group has input about book choices from everyone in the group. We have varied titles, both fiction and non fiction, and this has allowed us to read books that we might never of choose for ourselves.

It has made for rich discussion, where everyone is included in the discussion, whether they have read the book or not, we all add to the conversation. More often than not we think about our own lives, our experiences and values, and relate to the characters in the book, and the lives of the people we are reading about. There is humor and an honesty in  our conversations, and this  has become a group bonded by a love of books, always welcoming to new members.

Recently we read “The Girl with the Seven Names” by Hyeonseo Lee.  It is the story of one brave girl’s defection from North Korea. We follow her life journey, from birth through adolescence, and into adulthood. As expected, none of us had travelled to North Korea, and this was so insightful and gave us an appreciation of life in North Korea. We witness a young woman with fear, determination and courage, and loyalty to her family, as she tries to reimagine a new life for herself, in South Korea. Hyeonseo Lee is the seventh name the author has has in her life, and the only one that she wants to keep, as she choose it for herself.

Contact Jackie Dines or Rebecca if you’d like to get involved.


Jackie Dines