CBJ Fundraising Update

Please do what you can to join us, to volunteer your time and contribute where possible.

As the pandemic entered the Spring and Summer months it became clear that CBJ was facing an extraordinary change in our financial circumstances given the economic impact of the required public health measures.  Jackie Dines, Lisa Levine-Sporer and I were asked to develop a portfolio of fundraising events for the CBJ calendar.  This was intended to be an outreach to those in our community who can help to bridge the financial gap.

As most of you know, at CBJ we try very hard not to be constantly asking for contributions.  We have succeeded in this by prioritizing our “asks” and by maintaining good fiscal health.  With the extraordinary realities that we face given a once-in-a-century public health emergency, we do need to reach further to maintain our fiscal health and all the beloved programming and staff that we have come to love and expect.

When our committee sat down to create a portfolio our goal was to raise money while also bringing our community together in ways that are more difficult during the pandemic.  Likewise, we tried to reach out to our various demographic groups so that every family can contribute and participate in whatever way is most appropriate and comfortable for them.  We hope to come together to celebrate our holidays and milestones while at the same time raising additional funds for our community.  When you look at the calendar filled with events, it’s important to know that no family or individual needs to participate in all ways.  The important thing is that every family participate however they can.  Join in, volunteer to help and make a contribution if you are able.

We were thrilled that our Honey from the Heart program before the High Holidays was greatly successful in providing honey to all of us for a sweet New Year and raising almost $20,000.

In February, you can look forward to Mishloach Manot as always, but we can also look forward to our first annual Purim Ball—a virtual event that will be fun and and family-oriented with costumes and music and all sorts of activities.

In March, we expect to have a Pre-Passover Religious School Candy Sale—Who doesn’t miss those Passover chocolate lollipops among other yummy items?

In April, we are planning a Bike-a-thon/Hike-a-thon which will provide an opportunity across all our demographic groups to get out and ride or walk as an individual or a family or a group of friends to raise money for our community.

Finally in May we will gather together for a big celebration of Rabbi Ezray’s  25th Anniversary  with CBJ (actually it will be the 26th Anniversary but the original celebration was cancelled in May with the Shelter in Place order).  We expect this will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our wonderful Rabbi and how far we have come as a community.

I know how much I miss coming to our physical building and seeing all of my CBJ friends;  but. I also know how “meeting” with all of you on Shabbat and for teaching and other virtual events has helped to anchor me during these trying times. It’s good to feel part of a community even if, for now, it’s on Zoom!   We are hopeful that these upcoming events will continue to bring us together and will help to shore up the fiscal foundation we have built over the years so that we will emerge from these times stronger in every way.  Please do what you can to join us, to volunteer your time and contribute where possible.

Sue Borg
Past President