A focus on food, and most importantly on connection

Looking forward to sharing recipes, purveyors, techniques, kitchen hacks, etc.

I was smoking some salmon last week, looking at the coals (fondly, I might add), when I started thinking about the possibility that I was using orlah. Orlah is a law mentioned in Leviticus that forbids the eating of produce from a fruit tree in its first three years. In my Daf Yomi class (daily Talmud, hadran.co.il, check out my last Voice column), we had recently learned about whether we could even benefit from orlah in a discussion analogizing it to Chametz. Of course my salmon was not being cooked by orlah, but my unconscious brain took me to thinking about it. Recently, I have been finding lots of situations that I start asking myself questions because of my recent Talmud studies.

But lest you think that this is yet another article about Talmud and the wonders of Hadran, you would be wrong (mostly). Because this month I want to focus on the salmon. Or more generally, on food. And most importantly on connection.

We have been rolling out Mobilize.io, which is a platform that is helping us to create a digital community. For a long time, we have wanted to find ways to help connect with each other around common interests, backgrounds, and aspirations. This tool is easy to sign up for and easy to use. We have a small group in a test phase, but hope to launch to the broader community in the coming months.

So let’s get to the food. I am looking forward to sharing recipes, purveyors, techniques, kitchen hacks, etc. Post where you shop for special foods. Tell us your Charoset recipe. Help us to peel your eggs. There is a new group forming that is about Jews, food, animals and vegetarianism. Let us hear your journey to vegetarianism and ethical eating.

And if you’re not into food and wine, talk about your favorite jazz album, local hike, or quilting project. Look for information on joining Mobilize soon!