A CBJ L’Dor Vador Connection Story

Back in 2016 when our daughter Eden was a 7th grader, CBJ connected my family with Fran and Gary Aron through L’Dor Vador, the teen-elder […]

Back in 2016 when our daughter Eden was a 7th grader, CBJ connected my family with Fran and Gary Aron through L’Dor Vador, the teen-elder connection.  Pairing Fran with Eden was the most perfect “shidduch”, and the love just keeps flowing.  Fran has taken Eden to see theater shows and museum exhibits, invited our family over for dinners and brunches, and she calls often to reconnect with Eden and check in on her.  We have celebrated happy times together and supported each other during the sad times.  We have enjoyed meeting Fran and Gary’s children and grandchildren and simply delight in every visit we have with them.

When COVID-19 hit, all of that “Aron” love, enthusiasm, and generosity continued to flow.  It was in the second week of the Shelter in Place mandate when none of us could find enough toilet paper, flour, or frozen pizzas that Fran and I were on a call together and I mentioned how Jonathan and I couldn’t find flour in order to bake my great grandmother’s banana cake recipe, (Eden’s favorite).  Fran immediately suggested that since Gary was going to their neighborhood grocery store, he would look for flour for us while he shopped.  An hour or so later, Fran called me back to tell me that Gary returned with the wrong kind of flour, (it was all that was in stock), but that we shouldn’t fret, because she would use her own flour to BAKE US a banana cake!!!!  Not only did Fran bake us that cake the following day, she also spent an hour on Facetime connecting with Eden to be sure she was feeling loved and supported during this scary time of pandemic.  I will never forget when Fran drove up to our driveway.  Being so early on in the crisis, I was extremely worried that Fran and Gary shouldn’t be running around shopping, let alone dropping off food to their friends and neighbors’ homes! If anything, we, the junior members of this CBJ connection, ought to be the ones shopping and delivering food.

But, there was Fran, as if she had trained for years on how to be a mensch during a COVID social distancing world, pulling up to our house.  Waving to me from her car as I stood several yards back, she had that calm, effortless way about her.  With a twinkle in her eye, she got out of her car, gingerly lifted into her arms the delicious, homemade banana cake with lemon cream cheese frosting, and headed up our driveway.  Waiting for her at the foot of our garage, I had set up a small table with a tented sign made for her arrival.  It read: “Sweet Deliveries Here, Please”.  I called out my gratitude to Fran from the top of my steps with thanks and love.  As soon as Fran returned to her car, I couldn’t help myself and I ran down to get as close as I could to her car to wave a grateful farewell.

It goes without saying that the delicious cake lasted just under 24 hours.  I think the fine ingredients and expert baking were only half of what made it taste so good.  The other half was the love we felt from Fran and Gary that was baked into that amazing cake.

Thank you, Fran and Gary, for being the best!  It’s kindness and love like this that sustains us through these difficult times.  Thank you, CBJ, for making these connections happen and encouraging the best in us.

Enjoy the photos.  Try to see Fran waving from inside her car!






Robin Feuchtwang
CBJ Congregant