Hebrew Resources for Summer

Here are suggestions for keeping Hebrew fresh over the summer.

So much of what we accomplish over the school year slips away during those 3+ months without class.  Here are some suggestions for keeping Hebrew fresh over the summer:

Hebrew apps

Your kids are clamoring for screen time anyway!  Here are some recommended apps. Last checked, they were free downloads:

  1. Ma Kore
  2. Aleph-Bet Schoolhouse
  3. Alefbet OTG
  4. Alef Bet HD
  5. Hebrew Flashcards
  6. Prayer Player
  7. Alphabet
  8. ShowMe.
  9. If you are up for a slightly bigger commitment, you might try the Aleph Bet Quest CD and textbook, available here.

Other Suggestions

  1. Make blessings and tefillah (prayer) part of your family routine. It’s not only a good way to practice Hebrew, it also bring mindfulness to the routines of the day.
    • Click here for a colorful chart with the blessings before and after meals and for Friday night.
    • The shma is a traditional part of the bedtime routine. It can be found on page 101 of the blue siddur. What a gentle way to tuck-in at night!
  2. Buy a set of Hebrew flashcards, or a Hebrew placemat.  Practice the aleph-bet at meal time.  While the ads are running on a video, turn down the volume  and run through the aleph-bet.  These cards include the vowels.  These have the names of the letters written in transliteration on the back.

In addition, our teachers offer the following grade-level recommendations

Morah Casey’s students (moving up to 1st grade)

Emphasis on the letters and the Shabbat blessings.

Morah Ela’s students (moving up to 2nd grade)

Click here to purchase the Derekh Binah Hebrew Primer.

Morah Natalya’s students (moving up to 3rd grade)

Morah Natalya gave each child a copy of Shalom U’vrachah, The New Hebrew Primer.   You can purchase an additional copy here.

Morah Nia’s students (moving up to 4th grade)

Click here for the book recommended by Morah Nia for incoming 4th graders.  In addition, don’t forget the rulers and placemats Morah Esti provided all of our 3rd graders.

Morah Terrah’s students (moving up to 5th grade)

Morah Terrah gave all of her students work packets which they can continue through the summer.

Morah Esti’s students (moving up to 6th grade)

At the beginning of the year, students received copies of Shalom Ivrit Prayer book companion.  Continue working through this book.  You can purchase an additional copy here.

Students moving up to 7th grade

Bill or Cantor Barbara will be in touch for personalized bar- or bat-mitzvah training.

Students moving up to 8th or 9th grade

Once you are bar- or bat-mitzvah, you count as a Jewish adult. Contact Cantor Barbara and tell her you want to read Torah or lead a prayer during Shabbat services.