Religious School Registration

The coming school year is 5777 on the Jewish calendar.  

May it be a year of growth and learning and smiles!

Online enrollment is new this year.  Please let us know if you discover kinks.

 Enrollment requires TWO forms:

  • Family form – one per family.  Takes ~5 minutes to fill out.
  • Grade-level form – one per student.   Includes session choice, elective choice, student info.  Takes 10 – 15 minutes to fill out, and may require input from your child.

It is not possible to save your work on a form until it is submitted.  Before you start the grade-level form, if your child is in 3rd grade and up you might want to look over the list of electives. Click here.

NOTE: Hebrew electives require basic reading skills.  Therefore, new students and 3rd grade students may not be able to participate in Hebrew electives. We encourage reviewing over the summer; click here for suggestions.