Our Facilities

Beth Jacob Preschool’s facilities include well-equipped classrooms, a large outdoor play area, and an organic garden.

Well-Equipped Classrooms and Outdoor Play Area

Well stocked with developmental toys, art supplies, and manipulatives, each classroom was designed to meet the curriculum focus of our school. Our outside play yard is large and spacious with beautiful redwood trees that dot the perimeter and provide shade as children climb, run, bike, dig in the sand, and tend the garden.

Large Outsider Area and Organic Garden

Fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers flourish as children climb, bike, dig in the sand, and tend our organic garden.

Our garden is planted with Jewish holidays in mind. Chanukah may find us harvesting different varieties of potatoes and onions to make latkes, and pressing olives for oil for the candle lighting. Our sukkah is beautifully decorated with pumpkins while corn, beans and flowers climb up the sides to create walls. In the spring, all seven species can be found on the yard as wheat and barley flower to join the grapevine, and fig, pomegranate, olive and date palm trees.

Learning from the Garden

Picture a child involved in a gardening activity such as planting a seed. There are many concepts to explore, discover, and learn.

  • Children learn about science and nature when learning the names of, and recognizing, plants.
  • They practice math by counting scoops of dirt or the number of peas inside a pod.
  • They learn social skills by working with each other and taking turns as they put seeds into the ground.
  • They learn about Jewish holidays by watching the cycle of the garden, tasting holiday harvests, and smelling sweet spices.
  • Children’s energy is put to constructive use as they rake, weed, till, plant, stake, cultivate, mulch, and water.
  • They learn to be gentle as they train tiny vines to wrap around stakes.